Tamika Adjemian


I am available for freelance recipe development and culinary consultation, I love to work with businesses seeking to create allergy friendly menus and products .

Email: sayhellotamika@gmail.com

Besotted with food at an early age; from seed to harvest to cooking to plating. I am passionate about feeding people real food, ideally around a big table outside. I am perpetually curious and constantly exploring new ways with food, sometimes they end up in the compost. 


I am a recipe developer, culinary consultant, chef, writer and a cookbook author. I consider myself an edible educator, focusing on preserving fresh garden [farm] grown foods, teaching all levels of canning and fermentation. Gluten free by necessity, I teach gf/ allergy friendly cooking, baking and living. 


Author of 'Pickled to Please' out now from Ogden Publishing. 

 Recipe developer and culinary consultant for Newell's Ball® Brand from 2015 to present, culminating in over 80 new recipes for canned jam, jelly, salsa, chutney, pickles, sauces, soups, and extender recipes.

Recipe development and copy writing work on

'The All New Ball Book of Canning and Preserving'.


I have represented Ball® Brands at Mother Earth News Fairs, where I've taught jam  and applesauce making along with water bath canning.  

I've worn may  [chef] hats in my life; from restaurant chef and head baker, caterer, food truck chef and personal chef. I've made biscotti by the thousands, owned an organic jam brand named Belle Jar Preserves. I've developed recipes for and baked gluten-free pastry for wholesale and farmer's markets. 

In answer to FB's aging photo gimmick...
  • To be sure, there is more to me than this work life;

  • I am slowly weaning off the false hope and fast pace of an urban/ suburban NY life; we've hightailed it to a hand-built homestead in the woods of Maine, learning to live without a thermostat and a few other 'luxuries'. Details will be in my blog posts.

  •  I am an over enthusiastic gardener, to the delight of local wildlife. 

  • I was a licensed massage therapist, focusing on neuromuscular and myofascial body work. I prefer food. 

  • You will hear me say 'vegan', I use the term when discussing foods that contain dairy and eggs, like mayonnaise or cheese laden quiche. But I can't eat dairy or eggs, therefore I seek 'vegan' versions. I'm fine with this, and healthier. [I lie, I miss cheese deeply.]

  • I did a brief stint as a cheese monger. I can make a few basic cheeses. 

  • I created and coordinated an Edible Education garden/ cooking program for a summer camp packed with kids [over 1000 of them] where I developed a passion for teaching. I did this for 6 years.

  • My two grown daughters consistently astonish me with their wisdom. They are my role models. 

  • My husband is my best friend and for some reason goes along with all my questionable ideas (see "we moved to a homestead in Maine").

  • I have a deep fondness for taking pictures and should probably own a real camera.

  • My quests:

  • I want everyone to start using a steam canner. They save water, gas/electricity, and time. 

  • Perfecting gluten free sourdough bread, without gums and other weird stuff. Holy moly how I miss bagels.

  • Making the best homemade vegan cheeses, the firm grating kind, that I can age (vegan cheese cave in the woods?). 

  • Learning to macrame, again. 

  • Making time for sewing. I'm really into creating a sustainable handmade wardrobe. 

  • Be rid of plastic. In this rural life we can't recycle.